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15 Oct 2012

Solar Eclipse

Eclipse of the Sun

We know that the Earth revolves round the Sun and the Moon revolves round the Earth.  During these revolutions, the Moon may come between the Sun and the Earth along a straight line.  When this occurs, the Moon blocks the sunlight from reaching the Earth.  This phenomenon is called the eclipse of the Sun.

Phases of eclipse of the Sun
During the eclipse of the Sun, the Moon's has two parts:

  • The lighter part (also known as penumbra) - where the Moon partly blocks the sunlight.

  • The dark part (also known as umbra) - where the Moon totally blocks the sunlight.

Partial eclipse of the Sun

A partial eclipse of the Sun happens when only a part of the Sun can be seen.  This occurs when only a part of the Sun is blocked by the Moon.  We will see less of the Sun when more of it is being 'covered' by the Moon.  A partial eclipse of the sun can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Total eclipse of the Sun

When the Sun is totally 'covered' by the Moon, we call this a total eclipse of the Sun.  We only see the Sun as a dark disc surrounded by a bright ring called the corona.  A total eclipse of the Sun can last from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Only certain parts of the Earth will experience total eclipse of the Sun while other parts of the Earth will experience a partial eclipse of the Sun.

Additional knowledge

During eclipse of the Sun, darkness suddenly falls during the day.  The temperature falls a few degrees centigrade.  The whole atmosphere can be very still and eerie. Birds stop singing and butterflies stop fluttering around.  Swarm of bees can be seen going back into their hives.

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