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5 Nov 2012

Exercise II

Answer all questions.  (Send your answers by email)

1.  Diagram below show a simulation carried out by a group of students to show the eclipse of the Moon.

(a)  What do P, Q and R represent?

       P: _________________

(b)  Shade the dark portions of Q, S and T when the ball is moved around P.

(c)  Based on the simulation, how should P, Q and R be positioned to get the results as shown in S?

      Position 1: _______________________________________
      Position 2: _______________________________________

(d)  What inferences can you make from this simulation that shows conditions for the eclipse of the Moon to occur?

      Condition 1: ______________________________________

      Condition 2: ______________________________________

2.  Diagram below shows the sequence of an eclipse of the Sun.

(a)  Complete the diagram by shading the dark areas.

(b)  What inferences can you make from the diagram at

      (i)  B? : ________________________________________

      (ii) D? : ________________________________________
      (iii) F?: ________________________________________

(c)  Based on the eclipse of the Sun, state two characteristics of light that enable the eclipse to occur.

      1.  ________________________________________________

      2.  ________________________________________________


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  2. Thanks a lot... We learn together..

  3. Ong Ming Yin21/11/2012, 23:04

    Good exercise!

  4. Cikgu, latihan yang cukup mencabar!