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8 Nov 2012

Who hide the moon?

You will NEED: Search light, basket ball, tennis ball, chalk

1.  Go to a school hall or a large empty classroom.

2.  Form groups of three pupils.

3.  Use a piece of chalk to draw on the floor the orbit of the:

     (a)  Moon round the Earth
     (b)  Earth round the Sun

4.  Have one pupil each to play the role of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

     (a)  Pupil A holds a search light (the "Sun") and stands in a fixed position facing the orbits.
     (b)  Pupil B holds a basket ball (the "Earth").
     (c)  Pupil C holds a tennis ball (the "Moon").

5.  Switch on the search light and close all the doors and windows.

6.  Shine the search light on the "Earth" and observe its shadow.

7.  Revolve the "Moon" round the "Earth" until the "Earth" is between the "Moon" and the "Sun" and they are all in a straight line.

  • Does the Moon appear dark?
  • During an eclipse of the Moon, what is the role of the Earth?
  • State the arrangement of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun during an eclipse of the Moon.


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